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Jane Hartley

My interest in nutrition started many years ago when my eldest child was very young. At the time he was badly affected by eczema and suffered frequent ear infections for which the doctors prescribed repeat antibiotics. My midwife suggested that I removed dairy from his diet which did improve the eczema but not the infections so I was intrigued as to whether any further modifications could improve his health further. I took him to see a kinesiologist who tested him and gave me a list of foods - those which he could eat freely, those he could eat occasionally and those which must be avoided. Within two weeks I had a different child and one who hasn't had an ear infection since in 28 years! Simply excluding some everyday foods made an enormous difference to his health and I realised then that it wasn't just a case of having a healthy diet but rather to have the right diet for your body!


As time went on I became more and more interested in the difference that diet can make to one's heath and so enrolled at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in London. Three years of study, numerous exams and many many hours in clinic later I had not only qualified as a Nutritional Therapist but also realised, and frequently witnessed, just how enormous the impact of diet could be!


I had chosen to study nutrition at CNM because I was attracted to their holistic and naturopathic focus. Naturopathy is a system of healthcare which aims to establish optimum health by promoting and encouraging the body's own self healing mechanisms. Rather than simply masking symptoms, a naturopathic practitioner aims to work with the person as a whole, addressing the root causes of their health issues in order to restore health and well being. We take the time to look at all aspects of your health and understand your health history, in order to identify your individual needs and address those underlying imbalances.

However, my experience had also confirmed to me that there isn't one 'perfect' diet out there which will suit everybody but that everybody is unique, everyone's body functions in a different way, reacts to nutrients differently and requires varying amounts of those nutrients - in short, you need the right diet for YOUR body.


It was this realisation which encouraged me to open a company called Personalised Nutrition to be able to offer individuals the time to have their health story listened to and be provided with their own, personalised, nutrition plan, taking into account their lifestyle, food preferences and ethics.